Rebecca the photographer #1

Gray weddings has been born. 

Me (Edward), Rebecca and George are very excited that we have got this going - an industry we genuinely love being involved in and helping create and capture peoples wedding days...all this is a dream come true for us.

Rebecca has been a keen photographer for years. As we were going through her photos on her hard-drives as we started all this, it soon became clear - she loves photography. She has some great shots from all over the world. Thailand, Holland, France, Uganda & Knutsford!

Rebecca took this photo in Holland. As we go through her photos we can see that she was doing an architecture degree as she loves capturing these sort or perspectives of buildings. With the bridge and the frozen river in the foreground and the beautiful row of (all different!) town houses behind - this photo sums up the beautiful city of Delft in Holland. 

In this blog section we will be putting up and explaining some of the (many) photos that are in Rebecca's portfolio. Some of them are photos from her travels, some are from weddings, some are just from different days out around the country.

What they all have in common however, is that they are taken by Rebecca and exhibit the creative, artistic and transferable skills that she has gained from her two architecture degrees and her walks with a camera!