Lora & JM - Engagement Shoot

It was a grey Sunday afternoon. The sky looked moody & the air felt worryingly wet. We thought it was going to be one of those horrible, drizzly, typically English days. 

We had arranged to meet and set off with Lora & JM at about 1pm. At 12.30 we still weren't too sure where we were going to go! We knew Lora liked water, sunflowers and .... well basically nature! So I suppose we couldn't really go too far wrong. 

We eventually decided (at about 12.45) to go to Monsal head after a tip off from a knowledgable friend who said the area was beautiful and provided stunning views.

Off we went. 

We weren't disappointed. Even on a miserable day Monsal Head was a treat and we ended up having such a fun time. We ate a lovely lunch, saw some chickens, some cows and some absolutely stunning scenery.

So thanks JM + Lora for a wonderful afternoon. It didn't feel like work at all - just a lovely day out!

The Grays