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Niyosha & Jamie

Niyosha & Jamie's wedding was beautiful. The location, the couple and the weather all combined to make for a stunning day. It was the historic Swinton Park Hotel in which Niyosha & Jamie tied the knot. We really enjoyed capturing their day and we congratulate them on their marriage!

Here is a little snapshot of the day.

The Grays

Daniel & Lizzy

Daniel and Lizzy's wedding was an exciting one for us. Beki studied her masters in Architecture with Daniel at Manchester School of Architecture between 2011-2013 and having that connection made the wedding so enjoyable. 

This wedding was a bit of a trek for us as it happened all the way down in London (we are based in Manchester) but it was definitely worth it. It was a stunning day which we really enjoyed and we would like to congratulate Daniel and Lizzy on their marriage. 

We were down to capture this day in both photo & film, but as we edit away we thought we would share a few photos to whet the appetite. 

We hope you enjoy, 

the Grays

Elly & Joe Wedding

Elly & Joe Wedding

20th June 2015. Elly & Joe's wedding day. It was raining. After a week of beautiful weather it looked like Elly & Joe had been incredibly unfortunate as we woke up to see angry clouds above us. We were staying in Ashby-de-la-zouche (not in France by the way - near Loughborough!) at a friends flat which was only about a 10 minute drive from the church.

It was a very pretty old village church that greeted us when we arrived. It looked like we were the first to get there and so we started setting up our equipment still grumbling about the weather. As usual, everything was a blur from that moment. The guests arrive, the bride arrives, the marriage happens, the sermon is given and then the newly wed couple leave. It always strikes us that it all happens so quickly!

We rushed to get some shots in front of the church  and we were expecting to be met by umbrellas and raincoats. Instead we exited the church and entered into the most glorious sunshine that couldn't have been better timed. This led to a wonderful atmosphere of friends and family milling around chatting and laughing in the sun (as you'll see below)

The weather kept up it's good behaviour on into the reception and evening, and apart from some brief moments of spitting rain it was a beautiful day. 

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