STATEMENT - 09/11/18

If you are viewing this page you have probably followed it from a review of our company on a page like Trustpilot or similar. We thought that rather than trying to justify any of the problems a few couples have experienced, we would write a response here, and post the link in response to the reviews.

Firstly, we would like to acknowledge that our customer care at Gray Weddings has been very poor in the last year particularly. This is due to a number of reasons we don’t need to go in to, but basically we took on too many weddings and we couldn’t keep up with all the work/emails/admin/editing that it involved. We have taken on around 150 weddings in the last 3 years and by anyones standard, that is a lot. We made a mistake in taking them all on which has taken it’s toll on all of us. We realised this mistake about 12 months ago and ceased all advertisement of our company so we didn’t take on anymore, but we obviously needed to fulfil the bookings we already had in the diary.

We do like to think however, that although timescales have completely gone out the window for videos being delivered and emails being answered (and for that we apologise profusely), the quality of the photos and videos we have delivered has been maintained. We are proud of the video and photo quality we have provided to all customers, and would use any of them to even advertise our company. We realise some couples want changes here and there, which we are happy to accommodate, but

So, we are sorry to all the couples who have been affected and ask for just a little more patience as we try to get through the last bits of work we have.