"It's all our favourite and best memories of the day rolled into one brilliant video!! Thank you so much for your work in making it so awesome!"

George Gray is a young, award winning film maker. What he lacks in years however, he makes up for in skill. With years spent filming, editing and delivering films as a hobby, he entered the world of wedding videography in early 2015 and has been honing his skills ever since.

"My aim will be to make you a beautiful and carefully crafted wedding video, not just a bland 'stick a camera on a tripod and leave it' type video. I will try to make you a creative and unique memento of your wedding day. In essence I will act as your rose-tinted spectacles, showing you all the pretty romantic bits and leaving the crying babies and drunk uncles out of it."

If you are interested and would like to know more, please do get in touch!